Mix photos, a DIY personalized and touching gift

Mix photos is the modern alternative to paintings hanging on the wall. Once taken, the photos can be retouched and printed. In order to create an original mix, it is advisable to visit a specialized printing house. This is the best way to obtain a professional and original final result. If you have a printer at home and a good vintage camera, and if you know how to retouch your photos, then you already know that this task takes time and requires hard work. But the results are worth all the effort. Still, seeing a big smile on the face of a loved one is priceless. In order to create a personalized photo collage, we will present you with some original ideas. They will help you and inspire you to create a mix of photos to make the people you love happy.

Mix pictures – cute idea in children’s photos

There is probably no one who can resist a jumble of photographs of children. If you think this idea is cute, take a look at the following pictures. Such a collage of photos is a very original and touching personalized gift. Time passes so quickly and, perhaps, the only way to try to stop it (although it is only in our memories), is to create a jumble of photos. The ideas are really countless – you can make a collage of before/after photos that follow all the changes in children’s lives, their games, some unforgettable and special moments, etc. The following example shows a monogram letter decorated with black and white photos of children. It is a special idea for a personalized and touching gift. If it is a child over 18 years of age, such a gift will be appreciated and cared for carefully over the years.

Mix photos – DIY monogram in children’s photos

Another original idea is to order Polaroid style photos, with which to create a very original vintage mix. About fifty Polaroid photos or photos taken from an old camera, ordered online, will cost about 20 euros. These photos are the same size, which will make it easier for you to place them on a poster, for example. You can even use an ornate painting frame. It will serve as the basis for a very original collage composed of garlands of mini-pictures, suspended using decorative clothes pegs. Please take a look at the instructions below and enjoy the crafts.

Mixes photos to make yourself – black and white photos, a paper monogram and glue

Arrange the photos as you wish

Glue the photos on the monogram and apply a second layer of glue on it

Once the glue has dried, don’t forget to return the monogram to sign and date!